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Nos coups de cœur à Sydney

Today, Graffiti decided to travel all the way to the land Down Under to show you the best places in Sydney, the biggest city in Australia. It was founded in 1788 by English colonizers and has a total number of 100 beaches. Today, we will try to show you the top tourist spots in this Australian city:

Sydney Opera House:

Opened in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is the iconic monument of Australia that everyone knows. Seeing it in real life will seem like a big accomplishment, as it is really impressive.1

Harbour Bridge:

From the Harbour Bridge, you will have one of the most amazing views of the harbour. Be careful if you have vertigo!2

Wendy’s Secret Garden:

This little garden hidden in Milsons Point is a true gem. It is a wild tropical paradise from where you can see all the buildings of Sydney and the sea. You can even see some wild birds there, like the kookaburra!3

Luna Park:

This amusement park is really one of the funniest places in the city. Spending an evening in the park, which is close to the sea, is a very good idea: you have a gorgeous view from some of the attractions.4

Taronga Zoo:

This is the oldest zoo in Sydney. Located on a cliff, from there you can have a view of the CBD and... African giraffes! You’ll also have a glimpse of the Australian biodiversity. You’ll be fond of the cute koalas!5

Bondi Beach:

An all-time essential, Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches. Surfing there is amazing, as well as swimming there. Go watch a sunrise on the beach with some TimTams, you will never forget it. A swim at the first light is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Gordon’s Bay: This beach is for sunbathing lovers. Laying on its warm rocks on a sunny day is so relaxing. Take a book, and of course your sunglasses, and you’ll enjoy this afternoon to its fullest! The water is so warm, and the beach is so gorgeous. You will definitely like it!6

That’s it for the places in Sydney we liked the most. There are plenty of other stunning places, but these are simply the best ones. Hope you’ll enjoy Sydney! See you soon!



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